Terms and Conditions

We accept garments for cleaning under the following Terms and Conditions


  1. Regular Cleaning service delivery is within 3 working days.
  2. Urgent delivery is by next day evening 7pm
  3. Same Day delivery is 7pm of the day the garments were handed in for cleaning  if garments are handed in by 10am on the day.
  4. Extra charges apply for Urgent and Same Day delivery.
  5. Weekly Off, Public Holidays are not counted while arriving at delivery date.
  6. Minimum billing of Rs 500 is required for Free home pickup and delivery


  1. While Hill Road Cleaners strives to provide the best professional cleaning services; All articles are accepted at customers risk. Hill Road Cleaners will not be liable for damage arising during cleaning process.
  2. Hill Road Cleaners accepts no responsibilty for colour bleeding during Dry Cleaning, Wetcleaning or Laundry process
  3. We cannot gurantee that damage if any can be identified at the time garments are dropped off at our store or picked up from home. We examine each garments at our factory after we receive them and inform the customer of any damage if identified. However, we don't guarantee that every damage will be identified before processing.
  4. Any damage must be brought to notice within 24 hrs of receipt of garment.
  5. In case of misplaced or damaged in process or damage due to any other causes of garment, a maximum liability will be 10 times the cost of processing that garment.
  6. Hill Road Cleaners will not be responsibe for loss or damage due to natural calamities and Fire.
  7. Hill Road Cleaners will not be responsible whatsoever for garments not collected within 30 days of delivery date. We will do our best to contact the customer of such garments.
  8. Hill Road Cleaners will not be responsible for loss or damage of any personal effects left in garments or bags handed in for cleaning like money, jewelery or any such valuables.
  9. Hill Road Cleaners is proud of our professional expertise and we will do our best to remove stains. However there is no gurantee for stain removal
  10. Cleaning charges apply in case stains cannot be removed despite of our best efforts.


  1. We accept payment by cash or online via sms link for home delivered orders and for walk in customers by cash, card, or online
  2. The facilitation fee for use of Card or Online payment gateway is 2% + ST and will be borne by customers
  3. All home picked up orderers will be billed at the store and a bill sent to customer via e-mail or Whattsapp
  4. Taxes and Levies are chargable as per Indian law
  5. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


  1. Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice
  2. No employee or agent of Hill Road Cleaners has the authority to alter these terms and conditions in any manner whatsoever.
  3. The terms and conditions on this site are subject to the Indian Laws and Jurisdiction of Mumbai Courts only.
  4. Feedback is welcome at E-mail:care@hillroadcleaners.com Telephone: +91 22 26458646 Mobile +91 992 0373306