Process flow to purchase a service

Store walk-in


  1. Hand in your order : Check the contents of your pockets/bags before handing your order to counter-clerk.
  2. Receive your Invoice: Count the number of garments you have handed in and confirm this with the invoice presented to you
  3. Special Instructions: Convey any special instructions before the invoice is made


  1. Hand in your invoice to the counter clerk
  2. Once your order is assembled you may pay by cash, card or on;ine link
  3. Confirm the number of garments in your order match the number of garments in the invoice

Home Pick-up/Drop

  1. Call 26458646 or 992 0373306 |
  2. For Home Pick-up: Give your detailed address along with telephone numbers and landmarks.
  3. Confirm the number of garments in your order. We will send you the invoice via e-mail or Whatsapp
  4. For Home Drop: Give your Invoice number, name, telephone numbers and landmarks
  5. You may pay for your Home Dropped orders via cash or online payment link we will send via SMS
  6. Confirm the number of garments matches the number of garments on your invoice