The true spirit of Christmas

I witnessed the astonishing generosity of one of my clients this morning at my store. Let’s call him Mark. I have known Mark as a young school boy who has grown into a fine young man.

Mark was visiting my store to collect his leather “Clarks” shoes, similar to the shoes pictured (cost approx.  Rs 7,000). He was paying his bill when a worker of another client entered the store and was surprised to learn that we cleaned leather shoes. He seemed to really like the shoes and removed them from the packaging with the permission of Mark who asked him if he liked the shoes. When the boy answered in the affirmative, Mark asked him to try the shoes which seemed to fit the boy perfectly and when he saw this he simply told the boy to keep the shoes. The boys jaw dropped and he just could not believe the generosity of Mark.

This young kid just made my Christmas.