One of Bandra's iconic cleaners closing down

Come January 2013, one of Bandra's iconic cleaners "Bambi" will have closed down permanently. Started over 50 years ago by Mr Pinto, "Bambi" was among the first cleaners along with the now closed Eclipse cleaners (Mr. Fitter) that opend shop in Bandra in the 1950’s.

Bambi was previously located on Hill Road near the famous Bata showroom (also closed now). In the recent past, Bambi’s move further down Hill Road near Bandra Police Station. In any business location is key and it seems the new location did not work. This along with the severe competition in the form of foreign chains with deep pockets that have entered the Indian market may have led to the demise of this iconic cleaner.

I think there is a lesson for all old business, change with times or perish. Ultimately the customer is king and old business have to change to keep this focus.

The only permanent in life is change, if we do not embrace it we will perish.