Cleaning rubber lined drapes /curtains

As we approach Diwali 2012 we are already seeing the start of preparations for our festival season in India. The newspapers are filled with offers for various consumer durables and vehicles.

We are already seeing our clients sending in drapes/curtains for Dry cleaning and Wetcleaning in preparation for Diwali. While wetcleaning offers superior cleaning performance some drapes/curtains have to be Dry cleaned to avoid shrinkage and/or color loss. This is especially true for roll-up curtains that are an exact fit for the window. We are now seeing many more drapes/curtains that are rubber lined. Rubber lined drapes serve as insulation in extreme weather conditions, they were meant to keep the cold out and retain the heat in a heated room during harsh winters. However their utility in Indian weather conditions is debatable.

We face a practical difficulty while dry cleaning such rubber lined drapes/curtains. The Dry cleaning process is a dry to dry process; soiled clothes enter the machine dry and cleaned garments are removed dry. The cleaning and the drying process happen sequentially in the same machine. While the cleaning cycle in petroleum solvent is not a problem for rubber lined drapes/curtains, the drying process melts the rubber lining. Most often we have to advise our clients not to dry clean such drapes/curtains and recommend wetcleaning. We also recommend having a removable rubber lining or using conventional cloth lining.